Frequently Asked Questions

How long is an intake? How long are sessions? Can I meet you first?

If interested, clients can do a quick, 15 minute free consultation if they are interested in services. This is to see if the client and therapist are a good fit, and to answer any questions the client may have.

Intakes can range from 60-120 minutes.

Sessions are typically 60 minutes, but can go longer if the client wishes. This may incur extra fees if extends over an hour.

How much do sessions cost?

Depending on which payment program you are enrolled in, this can vary. Please speak with your therapist about a more concise fee schedule and copays for insurance.

How much is it for consulting?

Consulting ranges from $100-$250 per hour, depending on the services rendered.

When / how do I pay?

If you are utilizing insurance for therapy sessions, copays are due at the time of service. If you are a cash pay client, your payment will be due at the end of the session. For all clients a card will be required to be kept on file and fee will be collected at the end of the day. Clients with unpaid sessions or copays will be charged an interest rate of 3%.

Cancellation Policy

If an appointment is cancelled with less than 12 hours notice, it is considered a no show. The first instance of this results in patient being charged a no-show fee of $50. The second and third no-show will be charged the full cost of the visit and after the third no-show the client will be placed on hold or discharged. All of this is at the discretion of your therapist.